Papers relating to Lindop's edition of The white goddess

Scope and Content

Lindop edited The white goddess, Robert Graves's work on poetic myth-making and the source of poetic inspiration, for Carcanet Press in 1997. This group of material relates to the preparation of his edition which was largely based on revisions to the text made by Graves in 1960, some but not all of which were incorporated into the Faber and Faber edition of 1961. His source was Graves's own annotated copy of the 1958 second American edition, published by Vintage Books of New York, which incorporated all Graves's previous alterations to the text, including the extensive additions made for the second British edition of 1952. Included here are photocopies of both Graves's annotated copy and the 1961 Faber edition, which Lindop used as copy-text. The proofs of his own edition are also included, along with a related computer disk and audio cassette.