Press releases by Catholic Women's Ordination

Scope and Content

Press releases on: Women's ordination: Roman Catholic women speak out (1st press release); Women priests: RC women act (2nd press release); Liturgy led by Lala Winkley on 6 Jan 1993 organised by the group of RC women in the process of founding Catholic Women's Ordination (afterwards Lala and Myra Poole were interviewed on 'World tonight' (see 5RCW/10/01); announcing launch of Catholic Women's Ordination (3rd press release); announcing vigil on 24 Mar 1993; 'Wear your purple ribbon'; statement by Catholic Women's Ordination on 24 Mar 1993; [Catholic] bishops agree outline response on Anglican approaches with full text of bishop's statement (May 1993); called to Easter action (vigils outside RC churches)(Mar 1996); first worldwide day of prayer for women's ordination (Mar 1997); 'Catholic Women's Ordination 10 years on', 2003; statement re the Ordination of Women in Austria, 29 Jun 2002