Copies of articles / dissertations by various authors

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- 'On the edge of prophecy' by Pamela Schaeffer from MS, Apr/May 1999

- 'Discerning the Spirit's New Creation. Thoughts on strategy' by John Wijingaards

- John Wijingaards's talk at Women's Ordination Worldwide conference, 2001

- summary of talk delivered by Professor Adrian Hastings to Catholic Women's Ordination Leeds Group on 21 Nov 1999

- series of articles / letters by John Wijingaards published in 'The Tablet', 2000-2001

- 'Sister Jennifer's jottings' column in 'Catholic Pictorial' by Sr Jennifer Worrall

- 'In what ways can Christian mission engage with the distinctive personal concerns of postmodern Scots and cultural issues of postmodern Scottish society' by Morag Liebert, 3rd year dissertation for Bacholar of Divinity, 2006

- Charter of the Rights of Catholics in the Church, printed by Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

- typescript 'The priest shortage', author unidentified

- 'Church without women leaders. Will women ever govern the Roman Catholic Church?' by John Wijingaards from The Geneva Post Quarterly, Nov 2006