Minutes of the meetings of Catholic Women's Ordination

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 19 May 1996 to 21 Nov 2001. Notice of general meeting on 18 Feb 2006.

Particular items:

19 May 1996 - regional news; copying newsletter; responses to questionnaire; contain minutes of Annual General Meeting on 18 May 1996

25 Oct 1996 - need for editorial committee to be appointed; new administrative arrangements (eg regular 6 weekly meetings, financial and campaign decision-making processes)

1 Dec 1996 - regional reports; report on Rome 'We are church' meeting; meeting with Cardinal Hume

19 Jan 1997 - finance report; arrangements for Annual General Meeting; creating telephone tree (contacting lone members); (manuscript notes)

9 Mar 1997 - ecumenical situation and ecumenical assembly at Graz

20 Apr 1997 - fund-raising; finance report; discussion on the relationship of Catholic Women's Ordination and Jubilee people; details of Annual General Meeting

17 May 1997 - report as member of NatCog by Dorothea McEwan

19 Jul 1997 - newsletter and publications; fundraising - charity status application

5 Sep 1997 - minutes of the CWO-Scotland

10 Sep 1997 - letters re collection of liturgies and prayers, Jubilee people, and We are Church group

1 Nov 1997 - agenda; reports from the regions; Women Ordination Worldwide conference report; projected structure of CWO; finances adn membership report; discussion on relationship between CWO and We Are Church group

14 Mar 1998 - proposed agenda and reflections by Myra Poole for constitutional changes; regional reports; New Wine (formerly Hazelnut Group) informal support group for women with call to priesthood; Jubilee People (brings together radical Roman Catholic groups and runs a conference every two years); details of starter pack on ordination; discussion on future of Catholic Women's Ordination and constitution

18 Jul 1998 - regional reports; copy of liturgy

21 Nov 1998 - report of Women Ordination Worldwide Steering Group; reports of local groups; outreach activities; Women's synod proposal

5 Dec 1998 - contributions by groups in workshops at Jubilee People conference

20 Feb 1999 - NatCog attendance and contacts; membership and finance; reports from local groups and liaison with German groups; Women's Ordination Worldwide report; agenda for Annual General Meeting

31 Jul 1999 - local group reports

30 Oct 1999 - local group reports; treasurer's report; Women's Ordination Worldwide report

18 Mar 2000 - campaign for new members and contacting universities; local reports; treasurer's report

23 Jul 2000 - finance report; membership directory; corporate identity

2 Dec 2000 - local reports; Women's Ordination Worldwide report

10 Mar 2001 - local group reports; travelling fund; advertising

24 Nov 2001 - local group reports; national reports; strategies for Women's Ordination Worldwide resolutions

18 Feb 2006 - notice of general meeting to discuss the structure and working of the National Co-ordinating Group; outline of decisions made at Annual General Meeting 2005, copy of letter from Myra Poole to members re standing down as co-ordinator of Catholic Women's Ordination

Abbreviations used in minutes:

CWO = Catholic Women's Ordination

NatCog = National Co-ordinating Group

RegCog = Regional Co-ordinating Group

WAC = We Are Church movement

WOC = Women's Ordination Conference

WOW = Women's Ordination Worldwide