Public Submissions

Scope and Content

This series consists of the submissions to the Co-operative Commission, under the heading of "public submissions". It was an open invitation to anyone who had thoughts on how the co-operative movement could progress in response to the Co-operative Commission to share them for consideration. The amount of responses the Commission received required them to extend their deadline.

These submissions are from individuals, organisations and co-operatives. They take the form of letters, emails, printed presentations, reports and any items of interest that the submittors wished to bring to the attention of the Commission.


Most of these submissions (CCR/1/1/1-CCR/1/1/162) were already given a number and were summed up in a corresponding list that came with the collection. The list is comprised of individuals' submissions and co-operative society's and organisations' submissions. They have been kept in this numbered order where they were assigned, and unnumbered submissions have been added at the end.