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Alvescot is a village in the south-west of Oxfordshire, not far from Witney. In 1963, Alvescot was united with the parishes of Black Bourton and Shilton, and in 1979 these were joined by Holwell and Westwell. Alvescot is now part of the united benefice of Shill Valley and Broadshire, which consists of all the above parishes, as well as Broadwell, Broughton Poggs, Kelmscott, Kencot, Langford and Little Faringdon.

Some of the following records of Alvescot were originally deposited with the Bodleian Library in 1975. Further records were deposited by the parish in June 1998, as part of accession 4357, except for PAR 6/16/H1/1, which was deposited directly with Oxfordshire Archives in 1965 as accession 554 by Alvescot Parish Council, and originally catalogued as Alvescot P.C. I/1. An appendix provides a concordance for old and new references.

PAR 6/1/R5/1 was deposited with Oxfordshire Archives by Alvescot Parish Council in 2000, as accession 4742.

Recatalogued in May 1996 by Robin Darwall-Smith, and additions and revisions by Mark Priddey in October 1998, and Jenny Childs in April 2002.

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