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Letter from Lord Alanbrooke, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, to Auchinleck, in reply to AUC/1102 above, agreeing with Auchinleck that it would be most undesirable to lose the services of Gurkha units, but warning him that the Chiefs of Staff are under considerable political pressure to reduce the post-war forces below what they regard as a reasonable level, and that there are also weighty financial considerations which will affect the size of British garrisons overseas; assuring him that he does not intend to go back on his promise to try to make use of Gurkha units in post-war Imperial garrisons, but that there is a good deal of detail to be settled before he can give a definite undertaking on the number of such units that the British Army is able to accept; and stating that he appreciates the need for an early decision. Typescript, signed.