Scope and Content

5 catalogues that clearly demonstrate different design eras throughout the 20th century as well as different incarnations of the company, from the large and comprehensive volume William C. Gray & Sons Ltd: Carpets & Rugs, c1910; through to the folder of lithographic inserts Designs of Seamless Axminster Carpets, c1932; the two volumes Gray's Carpets: Contract Wiltons, which includes designs by Robin Day, and Gray's Carpets: Axminster and Wilton Broadloom Ranges, both c1960s; to The Gobelins Axminster Collection leaflet, c1974, which notes that the company Gray's Carpets was then part of the Guthhrie Corporation. Catalogues were used by carpet manufacturers to advertise their ranges and while this is not a comprehensive collection, it presents a sample of the company's style and how it evolved over time, especially when viewed in conjunction with STOD/204/1/3.