Health survey of General Post Office staff

Scope and Content

Research papers relating to health surveys conducted on General Post Office staff. The project began as a collaboration with Dr M C W Long, Chief Medical Officer to the Post Office, and Donald Reid to analysis of the frequency of invaliding and death from major causes among the Post Office staff during the past ten years. The initial survey was conducted in 1964, included a clinical assessment involving electrocardiography and lung function tests on male telephone workers in the General Post Office by the staff of the Department in May 1964, as part of the continuing programme of international studies on prevalence of chest and heart disease. The second health survey was conducted from 1966-1968, involved the health screening of 3000 GPO employees, male and female, as a pilot for the larger Whitehall Study that began the proceeding year. The study also included a second phase of intervention trials for high-risk individuals for smoking cessation, weight loss and reducing blood sugar.