Papers of the Egerton family

Scope and Content

This, the largest subgroup in the collection, comprises the papers of the Egerton family of Tatton. The papers relate to individuals from the 16th century through to the 19th century, and include some deeds which predate the Egertons' ownership of the Tatton estates. The majority of the records, however, date from the 18th century, in particular the years 1738-80 when Samuel ran the estates. Manorial records, deeds of title and records relating to estate management have been listed in separate subgroups, and the rest of the papers have been listed according to the member(s) of the family who created or possessed them as far as this can be ascertained. The original order of many of the records was not obvious, and some papers relating to estates owned by Samuel Hill may have found their way into the Egerton family papers. However, it was decided not to try and move questionable papers from their original bundles unless it was clear that they were more appropriately housed elsewhere.

Other papers which relate to the Egertons but the precise provenance of which is uncertain are listed in the miscellaneous subgroup, EGT/5.

The material is arranged into nine sub-subgroups:


  • EGT/3/1 Manorial and court records
  • EGT/3/2 Deeds of title and related papers
  • EGT/3/3 Records relating to estate management
  • EGT/3/4 Papers of John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgewater (1579-1649) and Hester Egerton (d. 1724).
  • EGT/3/5 Papers of John Egerton (1679-1724)
  • EGT/3/6 Papers of Elizabeth (d. 1743), John (1710-1738) and Thomas Egerton
  • EGT/3/7 Papers of Samuel Egerton
  • EGT/3/8 Papers of William Egerton
  • EGT/3/9 Later papers of the Egerton family