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Digital copies of some items below can be found on Manor Research Drive [MRD] or copy of book in College Library [LIB] "\\hx-file\StaffShares$\Manor Research\art_Published Articles" [internal access only]

  • ART_1 The Illustrated London News, 1843. Harlaxton Hall. May 7, p.357. [MRD]
  • ART_2 Broughton, Delves, 1906, Beautiful homes: Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire. Ladies Field, March 10, pp. 14-17 [3 copies; MRD]
  • ART_3 Country Life, 1906. Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire: the Residence of Mr T S Pearson-Gregory. Oct 13th. pp. 522-532 [2 original magazines; 2 copies; MRD]
  • ART_4 Oswald, Arthur, 1937. Toddington Manor, Gloucestershire and Harlaxton Hall, Lincolnshire. Country Life, Oct 9th, pp. 374-379 [original magazine; 2 copies; MRD]
  • ART_5 Van Der Elst, Violet, 1939. My struggle. Picture Post, September 2. pp. 20-24 [original magazine; 2 copies; MRD]
  • ART_6 Country Life, 1948. Harlaxton to be a College. Vol CIII No. 2671, March 26. p. 645 [original magazine; 1 copy; MRD]
  • ART_7a Hussey, Christopher, 1957. Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire-I. The property of the English province of the Society of Jesus. Country Life, April 11, pp. 704-707 [original magazine pages; 6 copies; MRD] Note: includes sale advertisement
  • ART_7b Hussey, Christopher, 1957. Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire-II.The property of the English province of the Society of Jesus. Country Life, April 18, pp. 764-767
  • ART_8 Loudon, J. C. (Ed.). Harlaxton Manor. The Gardeners' Magazine , Vol. 16, July 1840. [5 copies; MRD]. Also available online: Google Books [accessed 31 March 2017]
  • ART_9 Lincolnshire Life, Front cover photographs: art/9/1 July, 1967 [original copy; MRD]; art/9/2 July, 1975; art/9/3 Feb 1980; art/9/4 Francis, P. (1987) Yanks at Harlaxton. Lincolnshire Life, March
  • ART_10 Montgomery-Massingberd, 1990. Most amazing house in the land. The Daily Telegraph, August 24 [1 copy; MRD]
  • ART_11 Country Life, 2009. Great British architects: Salvin. September 23, pp. 124-5 [original copy; 2 copies; MRD]
  • ART_12 Robinson, John Martin, 2009. The envy of the world. Country Life, November 11, p. 74 [original copy; MRD]
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  • ART_14b Interpretation of Manor after Pevsner. Notes by Linda Dawes, Librarian, 2015 [copy; MRD]
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  • ART_16 White's Directory 1854 p. 386-8 [2 copies; MRD; also 1842 and 1874 on MRD]
  • ART_17 Boniface, P. (Ed) (1987) In search of English Gardens, The travels of John Claudius Loudon and his wife Jane [copy; MRD; LIB]
  • ART_18 John Piper Exhibition marks renovation of conservatory at Harlaxton Manor. The Squire, May 1980, pp. 39-41 [copy; MRD "\\hx-file\StaffShares$\Manor Research\Conservatory\art_18 The Squire 1980"]
  • ART_19 Cook, O. (1989) The English Country House p. 229-230 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_20 Harris, John (1985) The design of the English country house p 212 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_21 Chambers, James (1986) The English house p. 228-229 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_22 Durrant, D (1988) Living in the past p.86-87 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_23 Allibone, J. (1988) Anthony Salvin ch. 4 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_24 Cudmore, Anne (1994). To the Manor drawn. Practical Gardening, April 1994 p. 76-80. [copy; MRD "\\hx-file\StaffShares$\Manor Research\Garden\art_24 Practical Gardening April, 1994"]
  • ART_25 Littlejohn, D. (1997). The fate of the English Country House p. 246-7 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_26 Jenkins, S (2003) England's Thousand Best Houses. p 438-441 [copy; LIB]
  • ART_27 Hall, M. (2009) The Victorian country house, from the archives of Country Life [copy; LIB]
  • ART_28 Valenzuela, M (2015). Sir Daniel de Ligne of Harlaxton in the County of Lincoln, Knight. Huguenot Society Journal, XXX(3), 2015, p297-312 [copy;
  • ART_29 a The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal (1837) vol. 1, p. 392; ART_29 b The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal (1839), vol. 2, p.39 Harlaxton [copy; MRD]
  • ART_30 Barnes, F. (1993). Extracts from Priory Demesne to University Campus. A topographic history of Nottingham University. p. 110-114 The Gregory family and the Manor of Lenton; Appendix 9 p. 469-471. Harlaxton, and the extinction of the Gregorys; Appendix 17 p. 493. Late Longdon's property added to John Wright's estate in 1803. [MRD]
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  • ART_34 Post Office Directory, 1849 [MRD]
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  • ART_39 Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener, April 1, 1875. p. 258-9 [MRD]
  • ART_40 Lincoln Date Book, Vol. 1, July 5--The Queen have her licence to Sir Glynne Earle Welby, Bart., to take the name of Gregory in addition to and after that of Welby, in compliance with the will of Gregory Gregory, Esq., of Harlaxton Manor House. Available online: http://www.lincstothepast.com/The-Lincoln-Date-Book-Vol--1/945390.record?ImageId=24620&pt=T [Accessed 03/04/2017] [MRD]
  • ART_41 Knox, T. (1993). A Palace for an 'English Country Squire': Early Designs for Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, Architectural History, Vol. 36, pp. 94-102. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1568585 . [MRD]
  • ART_42 Rusk, J. A Yank at Harlaxton. Date and source unknown, possibly Lincolnshire Life ?
  • ART_43 Wright, A J. Extract from Ghosts and Hauntings in and around Leicestershire p.35
  • ART_44 Francis, P., 1987. Tanks at Harlaxton. Lincolnshire Life, March, 1987

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