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  • war/2/1 National Monuments Record RAF Harlaxton aerial photographs dated 1944 (3); 1946 (3); 1948 (2); 1954 (2); 1977 1979; 1983; 1997 [photocopies; copyright: MOD, National Records Monument]
  • war/2/2 Saltby Airfield. Notes by Donald M. Stewart, August 2001. https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-saltby-airfield/
  • war/2/3/1 Report on Pegasus Plaque restoration. Notes by Roy Church dated December 2011. https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-pegasus-memorial/
  • war/2/3/2 Photograph: Richard Todd OBE and the Newark Branch at Harlaxton College, 11-11-2009 [original held in Photograph Cabinet:People]
  • war/2/3/3 The Arnhem Redcaps. The Occupation of Harlaxton Manor circa November 1944- August 1945 by 1st Airborne Division Provost Company [scan and transcription on MRD]
  • war/2/3/4 Arnhem Museum at Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire - leaflet
  • war/2/3/5 Correspondence from Roy Church to Mr Miller dated 1992. Copy pf photograph of Corporal Roy Tyler and Cpl Clements, Norway 1945
  • war/2/4/1 The Parachute Regimental Association Newark Branch Presentation at Harlaxton College, 8 April 2009 - programme
  • war/2/4/2 Notes for speech given at the above event. 1st Airborne Division, Operation Market Garden 17-25 September 1944. Dated 14 April 2009
  • war/2/4/3/1 Notes for Remembrance Ceremony given annually at Harlaxton Manor to commemorate 1st Airborne Division, Operation Market Garden 17-25 September 1944. war/2/4/3/2 Remembrance Day Ceremony agenda 11 November 2010
  • war/2/4/4 Photographs of Parachute Regiment flag flying at Harlaxton Manor on D-Day commemoration, 2009
  • war/2/4/5 Harlaxton Happenings, Nov 10, 2010. Notes about Harlaxton Manor in World War II
  • war/2/4/6 Various internet printouts: Geocities, The Parachute Regiment; Absolute Astronomy, British 1st Airborne Division; Wikipedia, 1st Airborne Division; Historyofwar.org, Operation Market Garden; Airborne Assault ParaData. All dated 04/2009
  • war/2/4/7 The Parachute Regimental Association Annual Report and Newsletter, 2008
  • war/2/5 Presentation at Museum of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, 2009. Photograph: Captain John Poulton
  • war/2/6 Graham, Matthew (2006) Ed. The days of their lives. Recollections of the Second World War, as told in their own words by men and women currently living in the Grantham area. Unpublished document, Harlaxton College.
  • war/2/7 Items donated by D. M. Stewart, 2001
  • war/2/7/1 Notes following a conversation with Sir (Capt.) John Killick 01/10/01; King George VI and the Dakota; 253 Composite Company, RASC; Harlaxton - Stationing of units of 1st Airborne Division 1944-45; Locations 1st Airborne Division Extract from War Diary (copy)
  • war/2/7/2 Two photographs of the visit of King George VI to Harlaxton Park, with description by D. Stewart. [4 copies; also in Photograph cabinet:People]
  • war/2/7/3 Photograph 1st Airborne Division Provost Company, no. 6 Section, Harlaxton Manor, early 1945. Sgt. Barnett, l/Cpl H. Croft, Cpl. J Hamblett, L/Cpl Griggs, L/Cpl Clarke
  • war/2/7/4 Email correspondence D. Stewart and Diane Warren, June 2001
  • war/2/7/5 Extract from diary of Capt. J. E. Killick, Field Security Officer, Intelligent Corps, 89 Field Security Section, 1st Airborne Division. Written after Arnhem. [23 page document]
  • war/2/7/6 Photograph of 89th Field Security Section; photograph of Capt. Killick
  • war/2/8 Correspondence from Teresa Crompton requesting information about Harlaxton Manor in World War II for a book, dated 1996
  • war/2/9 Correspondence and photographs donated by John Hamblett (1992).
  • war/2/9/1 Correspondence from John Hamblett dated December 1992 regarding history of Pegasus Plaque at Harlaxton Manor
  • war/2/9/2 The Arnhem Redcaps: Occupation of Harlaxton Manor c. November 1944-August 1945 by 1st Airborne Division Provost Company
  • war/2/9/3 Photograph (copy): 1st Airborne Division Provost Company, No. 6 Section, Harlaxton Hall, c. Early 1945. L/Cpl "Bert" Croft feeds one of the ponies https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-van-der-elst-ponies/ [accessed 10/04/2017]
  • war/2/9/4 Photographs (copies); Cpl. J. Hamblett in capacity of orderly; Cpl. J. Hamblett has a tug of war with a parachute on main lawn; both at Harlaxton Hall c. early 1945 https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-corporal-john-hamblett/
  • war/2/9/5 Photograph (copy): Capt. J. E. Killick taken at Harlaxton, 89 Para. FSO 1st Airborne Div. https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-killicks-diary/
  • war/2/10 Correspondence
  • war/2/10/1 Correspondence from Malcolm Knapp to Principal, Jeremy Rusk, regarding Grantham air raids, dated 1974 https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-grantham-air-raids/
  • war/2/10/2 Correspondence from R. Seabrook to Principal, Dr Kingsley, regarding being stationed at RAF Spittlegate, dated 2009 https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-seabrook/
  • war/2/11 Harlaxton Manor War Graffiti [on Manor Research Drive "\\hx-file\StaffShares$\Manor Research\war_RAF Harlaxton\war_2_11 WWII War Rooms" internal access only] also https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.wordpress.com/story-of-the-manor/second-world-war/ww2-war-graffiti/
  • war/2/11/1 Notes and photographs, war grafitti at Harlaxton Manor
  • war/2/12 Miscellaneous information on RAF Harlaxton, images, maps
  • war/2/12/1 Extract from unknown source. Harlaxton Lincolnshire, includes image of Harlaxton aerodrome in 1917.
  • war/2/12/2 Extract from South Kesteven D.C. (2016?) Heritage of Flight in South Lincolnshire. p. 26 Available online: http://www.southkesteven.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=11513&p=0 [accessed 10/04/2017] www.heritageofflight.co.uk
  • war/2/12/3 Aerial view of RAF Harlaxton, 1942 [copy; on MRD "\\hx-file\StaffShares$\Manor Research\war_RAF Harlaxton\WWII images\war_2_12_3 Aerial view of RAF Harlaxton, 1942.docx"]

Administrative / Biographical History

RAF Harlaxton was re-activated in World War II operating as a Relief Landing Station from 1942 to 1945 and remains of some of the buildings can still see in the woods behind the Manor. Meanwhile the Manor, like so many country houses across England, became home to a new generation of soldiers. By 1944, Harlaxton, together with all the other country houses around Grantham was home to the 1st Airborne Division.

In September 1944 the Division went into action alongside the American 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as part of Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne assault ever attempted. The objective of the 1st Airborne Division, and the soldiers billeted here at Harlaxton was the bridge at Arnhem, known to history as 'a bridge too far'. The 1st Airborne Division was effectively destroyed as a fighting force at the Battle of Arnhem.

The Divisions' Provost Company returned and took up residence here until late 1945. They created the Pegasus monument that commemorates the Division in what is now called the Pegasus Courtyard.


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