Bundle: Plans Llanrwst Sewage Disposal Works

Scope and Content

re dual pump station Betws, report on proposal to enlarge works, application for consent 31/1/74.

Drg No C1315/76/1 General layout of sewerage system Jan 1973

Drg No.C1315/77/2 General arrangement of existing sewage disposal works as constructed March 1973

Drg No C1315/78/3A General arrangement of seage disposal works Oct 1973

Drg No C1315/98/4 Flow chart July 1973

Drg No C1315/105/5 Construction Programme Bar Chart Sept 1973

Drg No C1315/106/6A Grit separator construction details & fixing details for 'Pisa' Grip Trap Machinery Sept 1973

Drg No C1315/112/7 Modifications & Temporary Work at main pumping station Oct 1973.

Drg No C1315/114/8A Construction Details and modifications to existing filter beds for converfsion to combined aeration and settlement tanks Nov 1973

Drg No C1315/118/9 Plan & Lonitudinal section of rising main from Betws Road pumping station & G-line extension Nov 1973

Drg No C1315/120/10A Reinforcement details for aeration & settlement tanks Nov 1973

Drg No C1315/135/13A construction details for the measuring chamber Jan 1974.