Bundle re planning application for Offices, Depot and Stores near Black Cat, Glan Conway.

Scope and Content

Correspondence re objections to application. Planning Authority evidence.


(1) of proposed sewage works and industrial site. Oct 1967. Stamped Borough of Conway. (2) of Inquiry site shewing area to be protected under coastal preservation policy. Wash lands required by the Land Drainage Authorities. Code No.8/1374.

(3) section 22. inquiry site Nos 1 - 10. A.V. Lewis County Planning Officer.

(4) of property H.Q. Depot & Stores. G.C. corner Oct 1967.

(5) plan referred to shewing area of land to be acquired

(6) sewage treatment plant effluent outfall to stream-12" pipe [handwritten]

(7) tree planting and fencing plan

(8) Glan Conway H.Q.Drg No. 784/5A 466.

Photographs: 3 on card base shewing businesses in area and C.V.W.B. offices. 1 taken from river shewing Ll Jct brickworks and Dolwyd.