Bundle re Llan Penmachno sewerage scheme:

Scope and Content

correspondence [mentions Ochr-y-Foel section]


(1) sewerage system and disposal works drg nos.NW1108 1109 1965

(2) manholes at inverted siphon on Afon Machno. drg no.NW1131 1966.

(3) Longitudinal section of N-Line sewers drg no.NW1152 1967

(4) Longitudinal sections of O.P.Q.R.line sewers rising main drg no.NW1153

(5) Layout plan showing future housing and present drainage proposals revised Sept 1972 (6) Location of S.D.W. outfall drg no.C269 June 1978

(7) 3" x 4" sluice valve chambers for use in roads footpaths drg no.IM/02/66/

(8) Arrangement of sluice valve chambers at fully valved junctions drg. no. IM/01/67.

Design for proposed scheme to supply Penmachno from Padog, charts report on water supply.


(1) mains extension Llan Penmachno drg no. ME65/1270/1.

(2) Contract No. 4 with Tender Form, Specification and Bills of Quantities for Llan Penmachno Water Supply (1965). Water supply Bron-y-Foel Service reservoir drg no. 4.

(3) Padog water supply stamped Richards & Dumbleton.

(4) Llan Penmachno drg no. 3. stamped Wales Gas Board Grid Control Centre, Wood Road, Rhyl.