Writing & Lecture File. The 1930s British Communist Party

Scope and Content

Contains material relating to papers and lectures by Saville on the subject of the British Communist Party in the 1930s.

Material comprises:

1. Typescript paper by Saville 'The Twentieth Congress and the British Communist Party'

2. Typescript paper by Saville 'Further Thoughts on 1956 and the British Communist Party'

3. Typescript paper by Saville 'The Communist Party, 1920-1950: A Select Bibliography with Commentary'

4. Typescript list of reasons why 'The Communist Party of Great Britain as present constituted is likely to continue in its failure to make progress', c.1956

5. Typescript draft of untitled book, 'Chapter 8 Communist Part A' only, [written by Saville?]

6. Manuscript notes, press cuttings, copy articles from The Labour Monthly in the 1930s

7. Manuscript notes and typescript footnotes for paper 'The Communist Experience'

[see also U DJS/1/13-14, U DJS/4/7-10]

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