Pamphlet File. Peace Movement

Scope and Content

File containing pamphlets published by various groups on the subject of the peace movement.

Contains the following:

1. Booklet, War on Want: A Plan for World Development (Association for World Peace), 1952

2. Pamphlet, Agatha Harrison, Remembrances (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom), n.d.

3. Pamphlet, Ray Flint, 'The People's Scenario' How to Stop Nuclear War, 1982

4. Pamphlet, Youth in Britain Today for Peace and Social Justice (British Youth Peace Assembly), n.d.

5. Pamphlet, John McGovern, The One Unifying Force, 1954

6. Pamphlet, M. Philips Price, The Truth About The Allied Intervention in Russia (Pensioners for Peace International), 1985

7. Leaflet, Viscount Lymington, Should Britain Fight? The British Position and Some Facts on the Sudeten Problem (British Council Against European Commitments), n.d.

8. Leaflet, Resistance Wethersfield and Ruislip Legal Briefing (Committee of 100), Dec 1961

9. Pamphlet, Gandhi's Fast: Its Cause and Significance (No More War Movement), n.d.

10. Pamphlet, Michael Barratt Brown, East-West Trade (National Peace Council), n.d.

11. Pamphlet, The People Want Peace: Speeches from the Conference for World Peace (Daily Worker), Jul 1948

12. Pamphlet, Laurence Houseman, What Price Salvation Now? (Peace Pledge Union), Jun 1949

13. Pamphlet, World Congress for Peace, Paris-Prague, April 20-25 1949 (Materials), (New Times), May 1949

14. Newsletter, 'Never Again' (British Peace Committee), n.d.

15. Flyer, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - The Charter, n.d.

16. Flyer, CND supporters form, n.d.

17. Journal, E.N.D. Bulletin No.11 (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), 1982

18. Article, Dorothy Lessing, Protect and Disarm, Nov 1981

19. Newsletter, E.N.D. Newsletter No.3, Dec 1981

20 Flyer, END Hiroshima Day Appeal, 1981

21. Journal, E.N.D. Bulletin, No.2 (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), 1980

22. Journal, E.N.D. Bulletin No.7 (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), Winter 1981-1982

23. Journal, E.N.D. Bulletin No.6 (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), Autumn 1981

24. Flyer, Hull E.N.D. March Across the Sky Social, n.d.

25. Flyer, Hull Branches E.N.D., C.N.D. and A.N.C. Transpennine March, n.d.

26. Flyer, Hull E.N.D. Public Meeting 'Protest and Survive' with E.P. Thompson as Speaker, n.d.

27. Newsletter, Hull E.N.D. Newsletter No.5, Apr 1981

28. Circular, E.N.D. Financial Appeal, Feb 1987

29. Newsletter, E.N.D. Newsletter, Apr-Jun 1986

30. Leaflet, E.N.D. Briefing Sheet, Moscow Trust Group, n.d.

31. Leaflet, E.N.D. 5th Convention on European Security, 1986

32. Flyer, C.N.D. Campaign 'US Bases Out of Britain', n.d.

33. Leaflet, E.N.D. Circular: Public Order Bill and the Right to Dissent, n.d.

34. Leaflet, E.N.D. Circular: To the Shores of Tripoli..., n.d.

35. Flyer, E.N.D. Day School: Star Wars and European Independence, n.d.

36. Leaflet, E.N.D. Briefing Sheet: SPD/SED Agreements on Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Free Zones, Jan 1987

37. Leaflet, E.N.D. Briefing Sheet: Czechoslovakia and Peace, c.1980s

38. Leaflet, E.N.D. Briefing Sheet: From Helsinki to Vienna, c.1980s

39. Leaflet, E.N.D. Briefing Sheet: Afghanistan, c.1980s

40. Flyer: E.N.D. Circular: British Political Parties, 1987

41. Newsletter, E.N.D. Newsletter No.7, Feb 1987

42. Flyer, E.N.D. Public Debate: Afghanistan, n.d.

43. Newsletter, E.N.D. Newsletter, 1987

44. Pamphlet, ISIS Number 1365: The Bomb, The Fallout & The Politicians, 2 Mar 1960

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