Page 3 of E.A. Bowles’ scrap book relating to the garden at Myddelton House

Scope and Content

Page 3 comprises:

Press cuttings, 1928

Five photographs:

Potted Franciscea on pedestal in Myddelton House. Caption, ‘N. Lewis. 17.v.1927. Franciscea’. Maker, N. Lewis. 17 May 1927

Large-catkined goat willow. Caption, ‘Photo by Malby. Shown at RHS Hall, 21.iii.1922’. Maker, Reginald Malby. 21 Mar 1922

Eremurus bed, Myddelton House garden. Caption, ‘Bob Sills, 28.v.28’. Maker, R.J. Sills. 28 May 1928

Rhododendron bush in garden. Caption, ‘R.J. Sills, 1927’. Maker, R.J. Sills, 1927.

Bowl of cut daffodils on table in dining room at Myddelton House. Caption, ‘Daffodils in dining room. N. Lewis, 17.v.1927’. Maker, N. Lewis. 17 May 1927