Travel journal of E.A. Bowles, to France and Italy

Scope and Content

Journal includes manuscript text, original pencil and watercolour drawings by Bowles and memorabilia. It comprises a record of a trip to France and Italy, 10-28 Jun 1910, with Arthur Bartholomew and later Reginald Farrer

Pasted in are receipts for postage of plants, hotel bills, tickets, timetables, articles by Farrer and Bowles, and postcard and letter from Canon Ellacombe, undated

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/3/1/2 (2 of 2). They include journal cuttings, 1910-1923, correspondence and postcards, 1908-1928, including from Canon Henry Ellacombe, undated, and programme of entertainment, undated. For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/3.1.2

(10 Jun) To Modane by train via Paris accompanied by Bilney. Plant hunting around Modane and Termignon. Butterflies. (11 Jun) New plants seen. List of plants including Lathyrus luteus and Pulmonaria angustifolia. St Bruno. (12 Jun) Port du Nant. List of plants. (13 Jun) Collecting butterflies. List of plants in meadow. Collecting Lychnis, Sempervivum, Sedum, Spergularia, Salvia pratensis. (14 Jun) Sending plants home. Lanslebourg. List of plants. (15 Jun) Sending plants home. Collected boraginaceae (‘perhaps asperugo’). List of plants. (16 Jun) Collecting by the roadside Potentilla alpestris, Soldanella, Crocus vernus, Anemone vernalis, Anemone alpina. Ranunculus pyrenaeus. Collecting butterflies and moths. (17 Jun) Collecting butterflies. List of plants. (18 Jun) Sketching at la Dent Parrachiee. List of plants. Collecting Silene acaulis. (18 Jun) Sending plants home. Sketching at la Dent Parrachiee. Viola calcarata. Aquilegia alpina. Ranunculus rutrefolium. Trifolium alpinum. Anemone alpina. Adonis flammea. (19 Jun) Collecting butterflies. Pyrola uniflora. Lonicera and Berberis. Collecting butterflies. Cardaminis. Plantain, Gentiana cruciata, Colchicum and thyme. Departure of Bilney. Mount Cenis. Picked flowers of Narcissus poeticus. (20 Jun) Posting proofs of notes for ‘Brothers and Sisters’. Sketching. Gentiana verna, Viola calcarata and Ranunculus pyranaeus. Aretia vitaliana, Gentiana acaulis. (21 Jun) Erysimum, Geranium rivale, moths, A. viride [?Asplenium viride], Draba aizoides, Myosotis alpina. Collecting viola and other plants to send to A.C. Bartholemew. Collecting plants with Reginald Farrer and Redman. Hugueninia tanacetifolia. (22 Jun) Gentiana, Myosotis rupicola. Anemone baldensis, semperviven, Aronicum scorpiodes, Arnica montana. (23 Jun) Collecting plants with Farrer. Anemone halleri. Primula officianalis, Saxifraga oppositifolia, Artemisia, edelweiss, Campanula allionii, Campanula cenisia, Viola cenisia, Petrocallis pyrenaica. (24 Jun) Sending plants home and to A.C. Bartholemew, Canon Ellacombe, Miss Jessopp and Bertie [?Bertie Edelsten]. Outing with Farrer. Primula farinosa, Orchis maculata, Cortusa matthioli (‘the object of our search’). (25 Jun) Plant collecting. Bulbocodium vernum. Collecting butterflies. Ranunculus glacialis, Chrysanthemum alpina, Geum reptans, Gentiana brachyphylla, Androsace glacialis. (26 Jun) Collecting with Redman. Primula farinosa, Pedicularis monstrata, Ranunculus aconitifolius, Caltha, Saponaria lutea, Astragalus tragacantha. (27 Jun) Allium schoenoprasum, Ranunculus aconitifolius, Hieracium, Helianthemum. (28 Jun) Preparing plants to send home including Linaria alpina. Potentilla alpestris