Correspondence, papers, drawings and dried specimens of E.A. Bowles relating to Galanthus

Scope and Content

Originally stored in a parchment folder (previously the binding for an older book) labelled ‘Snowdrop letters’, retained (in folder 3 of 3)

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, 1922-1952, see EAB/appendix/

The contents of the folder are sub-divided into sections:

In folder 1 of 3:

Dried specimens, undated

Section labelled ‘To place’:

Manuscript notes and original drawings, c.1940s

Dried specimens preserved in the pages of book catalogues, 1946-1948

Correspondence, 1946-1948

Section labelled ‘Classification’:

Memorandum relating to flower arrangement competitions at Chelsea Flower Show, 1948

Manuscript notes, 1951 and undated

Papers are enclosed within annual report of Arthur Guinness Son and Co Ltd, 1951

In folder 2 of 3:

Section labelled ‘Notes to be placed’:

Manuscript notes and original drawings, undated

Correspondence, 1932-1951, including from RHS Gardens at Wisley enclosing a drawing of part of a Galanthus, 1933, and from E.B. Anderson, 1951

Dried specimens, 1948 and undated

Press cuttings, 1927-1934

Papers are enclosed within cover of annual report of Arthur Guinness Son and Co Ltd, 1950, and pages of ‘The British Empire: how it grew and how it works’

Section labelled ‘Letters’:

Dried specimens, undated

Correspondence, 1922-1952, including from Phylis Moore, 1948

Manuscript notes, undated, and observational notes on autumnal Galanthus (not E.A. Bowles’ hand), 1888-1892