Travel journal of E.A. Bowles, to Algeria, France and Italy

Scope and Content

Journal includes manuscript text, drawings and memorabilia, and comprises a record of the following trips:

Algeria, 1923

France and Italy, 1928

Italy and France, 1930

Pasted in are a French postage stamp, a currency voucher, tram tickets, manuscript notes, photographs, baggage receipt, postcards and magazine cuttings

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/3/1/5 (2 of 2). They comprise an unidentified dried specimen, undated, correspondence from Edward H. Woodall, undated, and from Thomas Cook and Son, 1928, manuscript notes including list of plants, undated, and postcards, receipts and other travel ephemera, 1930. For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/3.1.5

Third ‘triangular honeymoon’: Algeria, 1923

With Henry Bowles and Dolly Bowles

(22 Feb) To Paris. (23 Feb) Purchasing a Flora of Algeria. Overnight to Marseille. (24 Feb) Marseille. By boat to Algiers. (25 Feb) Algiers. Plants at the hotel. (26 Feb) Exploring the hotel garden. Sightseeing in Algiers. The University and Museum gardens. (27 Feb) The Jardin d’Essai. (28 Feb) To Colonne Voirol by tram with Henry. Walking in the woods. To the Zoo and the Jardin d’Essai. (1 Mar) Walking alone, Hotel l’Olivage, golf links, Rue Shakespeare. By tram to Marabout and Kouba. Sketching clay pots drying in the sun. (2 Mar) Visiting mosques and the Governor’s Palais d’Hiver with a guide. To the Jardin d’Essai. List of plant species in garden. Meeting Professor Tarbut. A new species of Pancratium, of which Tarbut gave him a head of seed. Caryota, Phoenix canariensis and Kleinia articulata in the garden. (3 Mar) To Chifa. Flora along the way. Monkeys, vultures (with drawing), other birds. (4 Mar) Sketching before church. By tram towards the university. Arisarum. (5 Mar) Painting. The gardens at the Faculty. Agave and aloe hybrids. Packing up plants to be sent off. (6 Mar) Henry unwell. Arab Cemetery. Carved headstones (small drawing). (7 Mar) To Constantine. Flowers seen along the way. (8 Mar) Sightseeing. Collecting plants. Cynara, two scillas, Ophrys, Eryngium, Bellis sylvestris. Sunset. (9 Mar) To the Aleppo pine wood. Snake, ultimately given to the Zoological Society of London [for a receipt from ZSL for a snake, 1923, see EAB/3/2/9]. Sightseeing, shopping. Coffee with the family of their guide. To Algiers by overnight train. (10 Mar) To the museum by tram. Buying boxes. Joined by the Rosenheims. (11 Mar) To church. Painting. Collecting bulbs thrown up by ploughing. (12 Mar) Painting. Visit to a forest. Ophrys tenthredenifera, Orchis longicornu, Serapias lingua. Drawing of a 'very curious' little flower. Other species found. (13 Mar) Painting Cerinthe and Ophrys. Digging plants including Bellevalia mauretanica. Animals and birds. (14 Mar) Painting. To University Garden. Succulents. Looking for Professor Trabut. Dr Maire. Gift of Moroccan silene and chrysanthemum, and seeing an unusual white ophrys. Collecting specimens at the gardens at Djenane el Mufti. (15 Mar) Sunrise. By ship to Marseille. By train to Calais. Rough crossing to Dover. Arriving home

France and Italy, 1928

With William Miller Christy. Mostly visiting gardens

For manuscript notes planning the trip, c.1928, see EAB/2/7/3/3

(1-2 Mar) By train from Dover to Menton. (3 Mar) To Lawrence Johnston's garden in the Gorbio Valley. Picnic with Johnston in the greenhouse surrounded by plants collected by Johnston and Cory in South Africa. To Hanbury Gardens at Ventimiglia. (4 Mar) Painting. To Cap Martin. Purchasing anemones to paint. (5 Mar) Painting. To the aquarium, Monaco. By taxi to the Succulent Garden [Jardin Exotique de Monaco]. Joined by Lawrence Johnston. (6 Mar) Driven by Johnston to his garden and on to Gorbio to dig plants. (7 Mar) Painting Iris bismarckiana. To Castellar with Christy. (8 Mar) With Johnston to Nice. Visit to two nurseries. (9 Mar) To Italy, collecting plants. Flower market at Ventimiglia. (10 Mar) To Johnston's garden to collect 'precious' South African seeds. (11 Mar) Digging plants. (12 Mar) Departure for Nice. To Edward Woodall's house at La Selva. (13 Mar) Walking around Nice. Collecting plants. (14 Mar) To the Duke of Connaught's garden at Les Bruyeres, Cap Ferrat. To Villa Sylvia. (15 Mar) Visits from Sir William and Lady Katherine Lambton, Lady Swettenham and Mrs Ward of Maryland. (16 Mar) Collecting plants, including Cyclamen, Ophrys, Scabiosa, double white oleander, brunsdonna seedlings, hellebores, Salvia. By train from Nice to London Victoria

Italy and France, 1930

(27-28 Feb) By car to Victoria. By train to Alassio via Boulogne, Paris and Genoa. By carriage to Villa Angela. On foot to Colonel Archibald Miles' garden at Villa Pamela. Bearded Iris, including Iris chamaeiris, and a wonderful majolica pergola. (1 Mar) Rain. Painting. (2 Mar) To church. By car to the Gap. Digging 17 Crocus medius. (3 Mar) By car to Diano Marina. Hyacinths, tazettas and anemones. Oleanders in the Andora valley and river flat. (4 Mar) By Pullman to Menton. Meeting Henry and Dolly. (5 Mar) To Johnston's garden at Serre de la Madone. Arctotis and Ixia scariosa. (6 Mar) Driven by Mrs Grove-Hills to La Mortola. Lunch with Fred Hanbury. (7 Mar) Painting Iris. Digging Polygala nicaeensis and selaginellas. (8 Mar) Painting. To Cap Martin. Revue at the casino. (9 Mar) With Christy to Ste Agnes. Views and flowers. (10 Mar) To Johnston's garden. Brought back Iris wedgewood and Arctotis. (11 Mar) To Latie to see garden at Bocca Negra. Succulents and agaves. Tulips, clematis, freesias, scabious. Lady Du Cane's garden at Casa Pavaiso on Boulevard de Garavan. (12 Mar) By car to Saorge. (13 Mar) To Nice via Villa Maryland at Cap Ferrat. Staying with Edward Woodall at La Selva. (14 Mar) Painting. (15 Mar) With Miss Isabel Dent to Mrs Copland Griffith's garden at Vence. (16 Mar) Unwell. (17 Mar) To Les Bruyeres, Cap Ferrat, 'all rather like Chelsea Show, but very well done of its kind'. (18 Mar) Digging plants and painting. (19 Mar) By train to London via Paris and Marseille