Correspondence, papers, drawings and dried specimens of E.A. Bowles relating to Galanthus

Scope and Content

The folder, retained, is home-constructed using cardboard, linen and tape. Labelled in Bowles’ hand, ‘The contents of this cover I have given to the Royal Horticultural Society. E. Augustus Bowles’, dated 14 May 1944

For preservation purposes, the original folder was packaged in folder 1 of 2, and the contents in folder 2 of 2

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, 1919-1946, see EAB/appendix/

The contents of the folder are sub-divided into the following original sections:

Byzantinus, including:

Plate of snowdrops, 1916

Original ink drawing, 1907

Press cuttings, 1917-1928

Manuscript notes entitled ‘Snowdrops. Notes for lecture’, undated

Elwesii, including:

Manuscript notes, undated

Press cuttings, 1920-1927

Latifolius, including:

(This section is subdivided into allenii, and latifolius type which includes rhizehensis, ikariae, and fosteri):

Proof of article by Bowles, undated

Original ink, watercolour and pencil drawings, 1907-1952

Plate of snowdrops, 1932

Press cuttings,1934

Correspondence, 1930-1946

Manuscript notes, 1952 and undated

Dried specimens, 1946

Photograph, undated [?c.1940s]. For an item level description of the photograph, see EAB/2/5/1/1/photo1

Leucojum, including:

Press cuttings, 1886-1931

Correspondence, 1923-1926

Manuscript notes, undated

Nivalis (with further subdivisions including yellow, doubles, green), including:

Manuscript notes and original drawings, 1909-1951 and undated

Press cuttings, 1841-1945

Illustrated plate of a drawing by Bowles, 1916

Dried specimens, 1947

Correspondence, 1919-1921[?]

Photographs, 1951 and undated [c.1930]. For item level descriptions of the photographs, see EAB/2/5/1/1/photo2-EAB/2/5/1/1/photo4

Original ink drawings, undated

Colour plates, 1790-1820 and undated

Original watercolour drawing of Galanthus by Bowles, 1951

Plicati, including:

Manuscript notes and drawings, undated, including copy of letter from W. Kay Robinson to R.D. Trotter, 1943

Correspondence, 1931-1946 and undated


This last folder is empty

These papers were originally housed in a single folder, repackaged into two folders in 2014