Album of E.A. Bowles relating to people and the local community

Scope and Content

The volume is unlabelled. Pasted into the volume are:

Silhouette representations of men and boys, many labelled with individual’s name, 1895-1909

Photographs of individuals and groups, 1902-1914

In memoriam cards relating to deceased boys, 1895-1908

Correspondence, 1906-c.1910s

Programme of concert by Myddelton Social Club Forty Hill Schools, 1904

Photographs of W. Norris, butchers, with staff and meat displayed, undated, and shop front of E. Cooke Agile Cycles, undated

Individuals named in silhouette representations and/or photographs are Rev Edward Wood Kempe, Rev Henry Carter, Edward John Lambard, F.W. Errington, William Hopkins, J. Wilson, Harry Stephens, E.G. Clowes, Frederick Eastaugh (schoolmaster), William Washington, E. Ransom, Sisson, George Large, James Large, Skinner, J. Anderson, Byford, Lord, Edwards, Horace Walpole, Charlie Walpole, T. Walpole, Walter Millwood, Tom Walpole, Ernest Millwood, F. Potter, Harry Freebody, Maurice Pilling, J.C. Slade, W.A. Stearn[?], Aylott, Walter Wynn, Harry Stephens, Hubert M. Edelsten (OBE), Alf Beard, Tom Beard, C. Beard, Alfred Angel, Archie Pilling, William A. Parish, Frederick Parish, William Daniels, Sidney Want, E. Froude, G. Clements, G. Chesher, A. Dobcott, E. Hooper, J.H. Gregory, E. Hawes, William Taylor, A. Taylor, R.R. Randall, P. Chaple, Gunner W.J. Topcott (Cairo), Bernard Howlett, George Impson, Douglas and Gordon Smith, W.J. Sargent, P. Thornton (killed on active service 1914), Arthur Thorogood, E. Dearman, B. Brazier, Charles Ovenell, A. Colvin, James Swan, A. Yeo, S. Colvin, C. Mardell, R. Hawes, George Brand, G. Jordan, W. Crocker, Conolly, F.I. Winepress, William Bird, James Chapman, Perkiss, Chitten, P. Edwards, R. Smith, Harry West, Stableton, Croome, A.E. Hickford, H. Bevan, A. Templeman, A.G. Pollard, L. Keene, A. McMullen, J. Freshwater, Harry Aylott, Walter Aylott, Ben Aylott, Leonard Aylott, Drake, Fletcher, F. Maker, George Bowles, Herbert May, L. Crocker, H. Nickolds, J. Sorrell, Marr, Horace Short, G. Wynn, H. Sadd, K. Hogg, G. Hogg, H. Grey, Ernest Adkins, D. Wynn, Sharpe, W. Crawley, ‘Stan’, Harry Beard, Edward Aylott, Tom Styles, S. Lee, Jack Brookman, N.E.W. Cooke, Jimmie Wheeler, J.S. Whitbread, Michael[?] Butt, Frank Taylor, Alfred Lilliwhite, S. Jordan, S. Massey, Edwin Chesher, Arthur Chesher, William Radford, Ernest Radford, E. Wintle, Shrimpton, Ernest Coombs, Newton E.W. Cooke, Albert T. Cracknell, Harold J.W. Cooke, Went [?Wentworth], Griggs, W. Aylott, Gunner J. Lee

Group photographs include unidentified group with Bowles (individuals identified), undated, group at Southend with Bowles, 1904, young boys in Boys Brigade uniform outside Myddelton House with Bowles, undated, boys dressed in Chinese costumes with Bowles in Myddelton House garden, undated, Enfield Boys Brigade, undated, and unidentified groups, c.1900s-1910s

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/7/1 (2 of 2). They comprise:

Drawings of ‘old Davis’, butler at Myddelton House, undated

Silhouette representations of Norman Whybray, 1909, and R. Chaplin, undated

Letter from the Medical Electric Massage Institute, c.1910s

Photograph of RHS Council (labelled ‘RHS Committee’), c.1940s (duplicate of EAB/9/1/photo8)

Photograph of staff and exterior of J. Sainsbury shop, with rows of plucked turkeys displayed, 1910

Manuscript notes, undated

Three photographs of groups of boys, undated

For a comprehensive list of letters in this volume and folder, 1906-c.1910s, see EAB/appendix/7.1

This volume was conserved in 2016. It remains fragile and requires careful handling