Album of E.A. Bowles relating to people and the local community

Scope and Content

The volume is unlabelled. Pasted into the volume are silhouette representations of individuals including two pages at the rear of the volume comprising silhouettes of Bowles, and two photographs of persons dressed up and play acting in a garden, undated

Individuals named in silhouette representations are Henry F. Bowles, Georgie Beard, Bertie Beard, Ethel Murrell, Ada Heistch, Amy Broughton, Nelly Sansom, Edward Stearns, Mrs Edith Stearns, Teddy Stearns, Evelyn Stearns (Mrs Herbert Weir), Flo Ansley, Maud Ansley, Jack Ansley, George H. Tapsfield, Hugh Henderson, H. Austin Smith, Arthur Robinson, Colonel Percy Mockler, R. Herbert James, Sydney Morris, Lassie Morris, Euphemia Jessopp, Harriet Kempe (Mrs George Tonides), Perkins (butler at Forty Hall) and E.A. Bowles

The identity of the following unlabelled silhouette representations has been ascertained:

Page 1, top right, John Bowles

Page 1, lower left, Medora Bowles

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/7/3 (2 of 2). They include:

Black and white photographs of individuals named as C.C. Titchmarsh, undated, E.C. Buxton, 1909, Walter Ledger, 1912, and S. Pope, undated, E.A. Bowles (head and shoulders roughly cut out), undated, a man [?Bowles] prising open a basket labelled ‘Professor Griggs, Beetle Museum, Jericho’, undated, and a man dressed as a clown, with dog, undated

Silhouette representations of Ethel Murrell (Mrs Frederickson), Augustus Mockler-Ferryman and other unidentified individuals, undated, R.D. Stokes, 1909, and E.A. Bowles, undated

Press cutting, undated

Letter from ‘Bertie’, 1900. For more details of the letter in this folder, see EAB/appendix/7.3

This volume was conserved in 2016. It remains fragile and requires careful handling