Travel journal of E.A. Bowles, to the Alps

Scope and Content

Journal includes manuscript text and memorabilia, and comprises a record of two trips to the Alps in 1913 and 1914

Pasted in are a dried specimen of a leaf and travel ephemera, c.1913-1914

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/3/1/4 (2 of 2). They comprise blank postcards, undated, a postcard written to P.D. Williams, 1925, dried specimens, undated, typescript travel times, undated, and a receipt from Thomas Cook, 1914. For more details of the postcard in this folder, see EAB/appendix/3.1.4

Alps, Jun 1913

With Arthur Clutton Brock and Reginald Farrer

(12 Jun) Departure with Clutton Brock from Victoria for the

Vallee de la Roya (San Dalmazzo di Tenda). Joined by Farrer. (14 Jun) Linum salsaloides, Cephalanthera rubra, lavender, helianthemums, fritillaries, Helleborus foetidus, Euphorbia spinosa and ‘the object of our pilgrimage, Primula allionii.’ On foot to Briga marittima (La Brigue). (15 Jun) Lilium pomponium. An adder. Packing boxes in the evening. (16 Jun) To Vievola by car. Collecting flowers above the town. Primula marginata and Dianthus sylvestris. A child’s funeral procession. (17 Jun) To Saorge. (18 Jun) A walk in the town. (19 Jun) By train to Cuneo, and tram, train and carriage to Bobbio [Bobbio Pellice]. (20 Jun) Dianthus and Primula cottia. Orchis ustulata. (21 Jun) On foot up the Maddalena gorge to Ciabota del Pra. Orange lilies, Orchis latifolia and Primula viscosa. By bus to Bobbio. Campanula allionii. A ‘pretty bicolor pinguicula’. (22 Jun) With Farrer to the Col de la Croix. Primula marginata, Primula viscosa, and many hybrids from red-purple to blue. The walk back along the border, collecting plants. Very cold but ice cream was made for their supper. (23 Jun) Packing their tins. To Turin. (25 Jun) To Bardonecchia. Unable to go up to Mont Cenis. Back to Modane by train. To Lanslebourg by bus. Company on the bus. Meeting the Garnett-Botfields. (26 Jun) Collecting plants with Farrer. Saxifraga diapensioides, Cenesia. Snow. (27 Jun) Finding Primulas with Farrer. Missed ‘the classic spot where P. bowlesii first found’. Collecting hybrids. Final evening admiring ‘treasures’ with the Garnett-Botfields. (28 Jun) Packing plants. To Modane alone and then home. Farrer travelling separately

Alps, Jun 1914

With the Garnett-Botfields

(8-9 Jun) Departure from Charing Cross. Meeting the Garnett-Botfields at Dover. To Nice by train via Paris, Avignon, Marseille, Toulon. Train to St Martin Vesubie. (10 Jun) Collecting plants on the way to Venanson. (11 Jun) To Villars on foot. Sempervivum, Salvia pratensis, Viola bosniaca, Anemone alpina, Nigritella rubra. (12 Jun) To the Boreon river by carriage ‘with a top like a 4 post bedstead’. Plentiful species, including Saxifraga florulenta. Bad weather. Befriending Colonel Godferry. Godferry’s wife painting orchids for ‘Keller’s great monograph.’ (13 Jun) To La Madone de Fenestre on foot, with luggage on mules. Collecting Campanula trachelium forms, Campanula glomerata

The journal ends abruptly at this point