Correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles from horticulturists and other correspondents, surnames beginning with S

Scope and Content

Letters are from John Sandeman, 1917, Kenneth W. Sanderson, 1947, Noel Sandwith at the Herbarium at Kew, 1950, George S. Saunders, 1904 and undated, E. Scaplehorn, 1905, Brenhilda Schafer at John Innes Horticultural Institution, 1933, W.J. Scovil, 1927-1929 and undated, William Serjeantson, undated, Lady Seton, undated, Hugh Shank, undated, F.W. Shaw, 1905 and undated, Charles E. Shea, 1909-1916, W.G. Sheldon, 1926, Shirley Nurseries, 1917 (receipt), A. Simmonds, 1939, Arthur A. Dorrien Smith, 1932, G.N. Smith and T. Smith at Daisy Hill Nursery, 1901-1931, including receipts, Herbert Guthrie-Smith, 1928 and undated, Hugh Roger-Smith, 1939, Sir William Wright Smith at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1928-1934 and undated, Worthington George Smith, 1903, Lilian Snelling, 1934, Arthur G. Soames, 1917, George Soper, 1911-1926, Dora B. Stafford, 1932, H. Stansfield, 1912-1927, Otto Stapf, 1923, Edgar Stead, undated, W.T. Stearn, 1930-1932 and undated, Sophie B. Steel, 1933, Harry F. Stephens (‘Bowles boy’), 1918, Thomas Stevenson, 1917, Fred Stoker, 1936-1937, Arthur Sutton, 1906 and undated, Robert Sydenham, 1909-1911, Patrick M. Synge, 1936-1937

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/2.4.19