Papers and dried specimens of E.A. Bowles relating to Narcissus

Scope and Content


Press cuttings and plates, 1789-1937

Five photographs of daffodils, c.1933. For an item level description of the photographs, see EAB/2/7/1/17/photo1-EAB/2/7/1/17/photo5

Dried specimen of Narcissus, undated. Please note the specimen is closed to public access until it has been removed to the herbarium at Wisley

Original watercolour and ink drawings of daffodils, 1876-1889 and undated, including by F.W. Burbidge

Whole and partial nursery catalogues of Barr and Sons of London, 1887-1905, R.C. Notcutt, undated, Robertson’s of Ireland, undated, John Dix Junior of Holland, 1937, Suttons of Reading, 1936, the Welsh Bulb Fields, St Asaph, 1935, Lincoln Nurseries of Spalding, 1936, and James Veitch and Sons, 1899-1900