Correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles relating to Narcissus

Scope and Content


Press cuttings and plates from the garden press, 1790-1939

Original pencil drawing, 1901, original drawing of daffodils by F.W. Burbidge, 1891, and original watercolour drawings of daffodils collected by H.E. Buxton in the Pyrenees, 1880s

Pages from the following catalogues: Robertson’s Irish-grown daffodils, undated, Barr and Sons, 1905, R.C. Notcutt, undated, J. Lionel Richardson of Waterford, Ireland, 1923, C.G. Van Tubergen Ltd of Haarlem, Holland, c.1920s, and R.H. Bath Ltd of Wisbech, undated

Leaflet ‘Introducing Narcissus ‘Eva’ to the world of daffodil lovers’, c.1933

Correspondence, 1881-1915 and undated, including from Peter Barr to F.W. Burbidge, 1881, with drawing, and J. Jacob, 1915. For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/

Dried specimens of Narcissus enclosed in ‘Macmillan’s Spring List of Announcements’, 1933

The contents of these folders had been repackaged prior to cataloguing and were labelled 1) ‘N. Leedsii hort: Mechio-Coronati 2a incomp’, 2) ‘N. Leedsii hort: Leedsii 4 + Leedsii’, and 3) N. Leedsii hort: Barrii’