Correspondence, papers and dried specimens of E.A. Bowles relating to Narcissus

Scope and Content

This material was originally stored loose inside the pages of a volume with tabbed alphabetical sections and was removed and separately packaged in 2013, with original positions recorded. The volume, retained (folder 1 of 2), appears to have been used both as an address book and as a way of making notes by theme such as botanical, classification, doubles, earliness, Welsh national emblem


Manuscript notes, undated

Original pencil and ink drawings of daffodils, 1904 and undated

Dried specimens of Narcissus, 1933 and undated

Photograph of daffodils, c.1930s. For an item level description of the photograph, see EAB/2/7/1/5/photo1

Pamphlet entitled ‘A Selected List of Publications on Agriculture’ (HMSO), 1934, and offprint of article ‘On raphides and plant crystals’, 1878

Press cuttings, 1887-1933

Correspondence, 1887-1932, including from P.D. Williams, 1928. For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/