Papers of E.A. Bowles comprising photograph of Iris growers and related papers

Scope and Content

Photograph of formal group of men, with covering letter from R. Wallace & Co Ltd, Jul 1922, enclosing the photograph, stating that it was ‘taken on Friday June 9th on the occasion of the Iris meeting’ at Tunbridge Wells; manuscript identification of most individuals on a separate sheet provided by G.L. Pinkington; note on (modern) packaging, discarded, identified the event as the Iris conference 1922. For an item level description of the photograph, see EAB/2/9/4/photo1. For more details of the letter in this folder, see EAB/appendix/2.9.4

Individuals are identified as G.N. Bunyard, G.P. Baker, George Dillistone, R.G. Walter, G.L.P., H. Cowley?, R. Wallace, E.A. Bowles, C.T. Musgrave, F.J. Chittenden, T. Carlisle, Cuthbertson? (Dobbie & Co), Frank Galsworthy, J.C. Wister, Lee Bonnewitz USA, Sir A. Hort, S. Mottet (Vilmorin), George Yeld and W.R. Dykes