Dried specimens (most removed), correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles relating to Anemone

Scope and Content

Items were enclosed between two pieces of card, retained, the whole originally tied up with string. The topmost piece of card is labelled in Bowles’ hand ‘Narcissiflora. Demissa. Polyanthes. Tetrasepala’

Within this there are two sub-folders, each made from a cover of ‘Atlas of Japanese Vegetation’, 1908. The first is labelled ‘Polyanthes – demissa groups’ and the second ‘A. tetrasepala’

The first sub-folder, labelled ‘Polyanthes – demissa groups’, comprises:

Dried specimens of Anemone, 1908-1948 (removed, herbarium numbers WSY0141215 and WSY0141216), correspondence (some removed, see list below), 1921-1948, manuscript and typescript notes, undated, and press cutting, 1939

Specimens were stored in pieces of paper, annotated with details, retained in the archive

Letters removed to the herbarium:

A.L. Bartholomew, at 75 Tilehurst Road, Reading, to Bowles, 2 Dec 1925

John Gray, at Benhall, Saxmundham, to Bowles, 30 Jun 1948

The second sub-folder, labelled ‘A. tetrasepala’, comprises:

Dried specimens, 1931-1943 (most removed, herbarium numbers WSY01211121, WSY01211122, WSY0127713- WSY0127715, and WSY0121123- WSY0121125, and one specimen ‘removed for Kew’), correspondence, 1931, and press cuttings, 1931-1944

Specimens were enclosed in Enfield Grammar School magazines, 1941-1942, ‘The Times’, 19 Aug 1941, and pages from the gardening press, annotated with details, retained in the archive

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, 1921-1931, see EAB/appendix/

Herbarium processing numbers 5-16

This folder was in a box of Bowles material transferred from the herbarium at Wisley to the Lindley Library in 2015