Correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles from horticulturists and other correspondents, surnames beginning with W

Scope and Content

Letters are from A. Walker, undated, H.J.O. Walker, 1925-1926, T.O. Walker, 1903-1923, R. Wallace & Co, 1905-1942, E. Walpole, 1903-1905, E.H. Walpole, 1930, George Walpole, 1904-1905, Frank Kingdon Ward, 1925-1932, P.H. Lee Warner, 1924, James Warren, 1903, Private George Washington (‘Bowles boy’), 1918, Anthony Waterer, 1919, W. Watson at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1909, H.W. Weguelin, 1900, F.E. Weiss, 1943-1946, E.F. Wesley, 1918, W. Wesley, 1911, H.M. White, 1922-1923 and undated, Rev W. Wilks, 1907-1920 and undated, J.C. Williams, 1911-1925, John E. Williams, 1917, Michael Williams, undated, P.D. Williams, 1900-1932 and undated

In folder 2 of 2:

Ellen Willmott, 1924-1934 and undated, Alex M. Wilson, 1906-1943, Gurney Wilson, 1909, Guy Wilson, 1925-1941, John Wood, 1897-1899, Edward Woodall, 1913-1934 and undated, W.C. Worsdell, 1913, A. Worsley, 1903-1926, C.E.I. Wright, enclosing three photographs of Campanula isophylla, 1918, Oliver E.P. Wyatt, 1945-1949 and undated

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/2.4.22. For an item level description of the photographs, see EAB/2/4/22/photo1-EAB/2/4/22/photo3