Volume belonging to E.A. Bowles comprising two publications bound and entitled ‘Botanical nomenclature’, and enclosed correspondence and papers

Scope and Content

Hardbound volume comprising ‘Code of Botanical Nomenclature’, 1904, and ‘Regles Internationales de la Nomenclature Botanique’, 1906

Pasted in are press cuttings, 1907, and letter from A.B. Rendle at the British Museum (Natural History), 1906

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/2/1/1 (2 of 2). They include:

Letter from Arthur Hill at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1934

Pages from the ‘Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew’, 1921, and press cuttings, 1935

Papers relating to the RHS Nomenclature Committee including report by Fred J. Chittenden relating to the International Botanical and Horticultural Conference, 1935, proposed press release, 1935, ‘Dr Rendle’s report to Rome’, 1935, and minutes of meeting, 15 Apr 1935

Copy letter from Lionel de Rothschild to the RHS requesting the simplification of botanical names for the benefit of members of the RHS and nursery gardeners, and note on the letter by Fred J. Chittenden, 1935

For a comprehensive list of letters in this volume and folder, 1906-1935, see EAB/appendix/2.1.1

The volume is fragile and requires careful handling