Correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles from horticulturists and other correspondents, surnames beginning with R

Scope and Content

Letters are from Private Ernie Radford (‘Bowles boy’), 1918, J. Ramsbottom, undated, Robert R. Randall (‘Bowles boy’), 1914, Phemie Reid, 1934-1935, A.B. Rendle, 1902-1923, G. Reuthe, 1897-1926, H.E. Richardson, 1925, Athelstan Riley de la Trinite, 1921, T.A.H. Rivers, 1912, Mary Robb, 1905-1906 and undated, F. Page Roberts, undated, Miss R. Buckingham Roberts, undated, William Robinson, 1906-1931 and undated, Jan Roes, 1929, Robert A. Rolfe, 1910, Sir Albert Rollit, 1917, Janet Ross, 1908, Lionel de Rothschild, 1926, L.R. Russell, 1913 (receipts)

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/2.4.18