Correspondence in EAB/2/7/1/13

Scope and Content

H.W. Pugsley, at 81 Alexandra Road, Wimbledon, [London] SW19, to Bowles, 17 Jan 1939

George Engleheart, at Little Clarendon, Dinton, Salisbury, to Bowles, 29 Dec 1935

E.A. Leather, at Mereside Bulb and Lavender Gardens, RMW1, Duncan, BC [British Columbia, Canada], to Bowles, 14 Dec 1936

Fred J. Chittenden, at RHS, Vincent Square, Westminster, [London] SW1, to Bowles, 17 Aug 1935

Unidentified correspondent [?P.D. Williams], at Lanarth, to Bowles, 1 Mar, no year (letter incomplete; first page only)

Miss K.M. Hinchliff, at Worlington House, Instow, North Devon, no addressee, 6 Mar 1935

Fred Stoker, at The Summit, Golding’s Hill, Loughton, to Bowles, 28 Mar 1933

Fred Stern, at Highdown, Goring-by-Sea, Sussex, to Bowles, 28 Jul 1932

William Gibson, at Dawyck, Stobo, Peebles, to Bowles, 3 Jul, no year