Scrap book of E.A. Bowles relating to the garden at Myddelton House

Scope and Content

The volume is labelled in Bowles’ hand ‘1909-10’. Many of the photographs in this volume were used in Bowles’ ‘My Garden’ trilogy. Pasted into and enclosed in the scrap book are:

Photographs including of the garden at Myddelton House, plants, workmen and one of Bowles, 1908-1935

Press cuttings, 1910-1929

Correspondence and papers, 1908-1936, including letters from servicemen on active service in the First World War

Scale drawings in pencil and watercolour of trellis, c.1908, and sketched garden plan layouts, undated

Original pencil and watercolour drawings, 1918 and undated

Manuscript notes, undated

For an item level description of each page in this volume, see EAB/1/1/2/cover, EAB/1/1/2/flyleaf, EAB/1/1/2/page1-EAB/1/1/2/page109 and EAB/1/1/2/rearcover

Enclosures were removed during cataloguing and stored in a separate folder for preservation purposes, reference EAB/1/1/2 (2 of 3). Enclosures are catalogued within the description of the page at which the enclosure was found

Some enclosures had been removed prior to cataloguing (original positions not recorded) and were found in a folder labelled ‘Bowles loose from Myddelton House – 1909-10’. These are stored in folder reference EAB/1/1/2 (3 of 3) and comprise five photographs:

Two views of Riverside Cottage, Horning, Norfolk, with Arthur Robinson and E.A. Bowles. One with caption, ‘Riverside Cottage, Horning, Norfolk. Arthur Robinson and E.A.B.’. Maker unidentified. Undated [c.1890s]

Front of Myddelton House. No caption. Maker unidentified. Undated [c.1900]

E.A. Bowles dressed as a snake charmer with snakes emerging from a basket. No caption. Maker unidentified. Undated [?c.1900]

E.A. Bowles at front door of Myddelton House with suitcases, net and other equipment, probably prior to departure on an entomological study trip to Horning, Norfolk. No caption. Maker unidentified. Undated [c.1890s]

This volume was conserved in 2015. It remains fragile and requires careful handling. Readers are required to wear gloves to protect photographs and are asked to take care when turning pages and unfolding and re-folding folded items