Correspondence and papers of E.A. Bowles from horticulturists and other correspondents, surnames beginning with P

Scope and Content

Letters are from Charles Page, 1908, Albert Pam, 1925, Augustus Parr, 1903 and undated, George Paul, 1893-1905, A.H. Pearson, 1910, J. Duncan Pearson, 1931, R. Hooper Pearson, 1909-1913, Maria Pease, 1914, Ethel Anson S. Peckham, 1921-1937, Amos Perry, 1903-1912, George H. Pethybridge, 1926, B. Petre, 1903-1904, W.S.C. Pinwill, 1905-1917, J. Hill Poe, 1920, J.T. Bennett-Poe, undated, Mary Ward Poole, 1916, Mary Poulton, undated, Marion Powell, 1921-1924, W.C.B. Powell, 1901, R. Lloyd Praeger, 1910, D. Prain, 1906-1933, Stella Tidd-Pratt, 1941, C. Prentis, 1928, F.G. Preston at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 1923, Isabella Preston, 1952, Maurice Prichard & Sons, undated

For a comprehensive list of letters in this folder, see EAB/appendix/2.4.16