Letters to Arnold Taylor from various correspondents

Scope and Content

These folders contain letters to and from Tom Taylor's brother Arnold, who became Taylor's executor upon his death. Many of the letters deal with the death of his brother and make enquiries about rights and permissions relating to putting on performances of his works. Dated letters range from 1880 to 1893.

One set of four letters consists of letters between Arnold Taylor, A.W Dubourg and Charles Wyndham regarding New Man and Old Acres, dated 1890.

One set of letters between Arnold Taylor and Paul Merritt discusses Such is the Law and Love or Life?. This set also includes a signed contract concerning the copyright for Love or Life?, dated 1890.

Two of the four folders in this file contain items of correspondence to Arnold Taylor relating to the Dramatic Author's Agency, a large number of which are signed by its manager, Douglas Cox. Also included are brochures relating to the DAA. The items in these folders date from 1880 to 1895.