File: Correspondence from obituaries file

Scope and Content

File of miscellaneous correspondence with important surgeons, which was originally with the file of obituaries (PLA/12/3/1). Obituaries of many of these correspondents appear in the obituaries file, where correspondence directly relating to obituaries and biographies has been retained. These letters appear to have been kept as examples of letters from significant individuals. The correspondence relates to various orthopaedic and surgical issues, matters relating to SICOT and the IFSC, particular individuals, articles and addresses by Platt, hospitals and orthopaedic clinics. The original order of the letters has been retained. The file contains greetings cards from Elliot Gray Brackett and the Osgoods from the 1930s, letters relating to Platt's article on Sir Robert Jones, bundles of correspondence with Walter MacKenzie, Fritz Linder and Professor Boris Petrovsky. Other correspondents include Jan Nuboer, M. Hackenbroch, Robert Lee Patterson, Francis D. Moore, I.S. Ravdin, Witold Rudowski and Frank E. Stinchfield.