Association of Surgeons

Scope and Content

Joint meeting of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Heelkunde, held at the Manchester Medical School in spring 1982. Platt gave a lecture titled 'Foundation of the Association' on 1 April 1982. The file contains the following documents: 

  • /1-6 Manuscript draft for address titled 'Ass[ociation] of S[urgeons]'.
  • /7-8 Manuscript draft for address titled 'Assoc[iation] of Surg[eons] of G[rea]t Br[itain] and Ireland'.
  • /9 Manuscript notes titled 'Ass[ociation] of S[urgeons]'
  • /10 Scientific programme.
  • /11 Dinner menu, 1 April 1982.
  • /12 Letter from Anthony R Anscombe, 14 April 1982, thanking Platt for the address.