File: Ethel Hedley Orthopaedic Hospital

Scope and Content

In the first world war, Ethel Hedley Hospital, Windermere, was a specialist orthopaedic hospital attached to the 2nd Western General, with Platt as chief visiting surgeon. The hospital closed in 1919, but was reopened as the Ethel Hedley Hospital for Crippled Children, providing education for physically handicapped children from Cumbria, Westmorland and East Lancashire. The Hospital later became known as Ethel Hedley Orthopaedic Hospital, but closed in 1970 due to a reduction in numbers of children with polio-myelitis and tuberculosis. Platt was consulting surgeon and later honorary consulting surgeon in chief. This file contains papers relating to the history of Ethel Hedley Hospital, in particular relating to Charles Henry Hough, surgeon at the Hospital. There are also papers relating to the closure of the Hospital, hospital records and statistics, and the future use of the building.

  • /1 Postcard, photograph of Christmas Party at Ethel Hedley Hospital, 1923. Some individuals have been identified.
  • /2 Pamphlet, The Ethel Hedley Orthopaedic Hospital for Crippled Children, Calgarth Park, Windermere: Report on the first ten years' work, 1920-1930, with galley proof of obituary by Platt for Charles Henry Hough (1855-1933), BMJ, 21 October 1933.
  • /3 Manuscript display card introducing the Ethel Hedley Hospital Bethlehem Tableux in memory of Charles Henry Hough, December 1933, possibly made by Dr Jean Bucknell, including two reproduction photographs of Hough.
  • /4 Manuscript note by Platt about Hough, n.d.
  • /5 Cutting, 'Notable Westmorland resident: The late Mr C.H. Hough, Ambleside. Famous rock garden memorial to his wife', not sourced, n.d. [1933].
  • /6 Cutting, 'A notable Westmerian. Surgeon who was the friend of little children', n.d. [1933].
  • /7 Portrait photograph of Hough, taken by Lafayette Limited [previously owned by Dr Jean Bucknell], n.d. Dimensions: 23 x 18 cm (mount) 16 x 11 cm (photograph).
  • /8 Order for Charles Hough's Memorial Service, 1933.
  • /9 Pamphlet, The English Lakes in verse and picture. A photograph of Ethel Hedley Hospital has been pasted in, along with typescript programme for a talk by Platt and tour of Lakes, 31 March 1951.
  • /10-14 Bundle of correspondence between Platt and Cicely Thornton, honorary secretary of the Friends of Ethel Hedley Orthopaedic Hospital for Children, about the possible closure of the hospital, December 1967-January 1968.
  • /15 Letter from Derek W. Purser about the preservation of the records of Ethel Hedley Hospital, 2 November 1967.
  • /16-18 Letter from Purser about admissions statistics at the Hospital, with figures collected by his daughter, May 1969.
  • /19-27 Cuttings about the closure of Ethel Hedley Hospital, various sources, 1970.
  • /28-29 Letter from Mrs Margaret L. Clay of the Lake District Branch of the British Federation of University Women, about the formation of the Lake District Housing Association and the conversion of Ethel Hedley Hospital into sheltered accommodation for the elderly, with copy reply, March 1971.
  • /30-31 Letter from Ronald [?] about the death of Madge Percival (a ward sister at Ethel Hedley Hospital), 25 January 1974, with a manuscript summary of her career by Platt, n.d.
  • /32 Letter from E Bushnell, secretary of Lake District Housing Association, thanking Platt for sending a copy of his Selected Papers, 12 July 1974.
  • /33-35 Correspondence with Agnes Low (née Walsh), reminiscing about Ethel Hedley Hospital during the second world war, January - February 1978.

There is also material relating to Ethel Hedley Hospital throughout the Platt papers, including clinical records at PLA/1, papers relating to Platt's appointment at PLA/13/2/8 and a number of photographs in PLA/11.