File: USA and Canada 1964

Scope and Content

File of correspondence and papers relating to the visit by Platt to Minneapolis and Toronto in March to April 1964 on behalf of Modern Medicine, to attend editorial meetings and meet staff in America and Canada. Platt was the chairman of the Board of Modern Medicine in Great Britain. During the visit, Platt also attended the meeting of the American Surgical Association 31 March to 4 April. Papers are in reverse chronological order.

See also the photograph album of the visit at PLA/10/3/7 and manuscript diaries of the visit at PLA/10/1/4.

  • /1-8 Progress Report of Modern Medicine describing Platt's visits to Minneapolis and Toronto, Spring 1964.
  • /9-10 Manuscript and typescript note of expenses for the trip, 22 April 1964.
  • /11 Letter from Louis M. Cohen, President of Modern Medicine, Minneapolis, 10 April 1964.
  • /12-15 Typescript minutes for editorial board meeting of Modern Medicine of Canada, 9 April 1964.
  • /16-22 Photocopy of minutes of the editorial board of Modern Medicine, 7 April 1964.
  • /23 List of guests for dinner of Modern Medicine, 7 April 1964.
  • /24 List of guests for luncheon of Modern Medicine, 7 April 1964.
  • /25-27 Papers relating to the meeting of the editorial board, 7 April 1964.
  • /28-29 Typescript schedule for visit.
  • /30 Typescript note of information about offices of Modern Medicine, n.d.
  • /31-33 Typescript guide for submission of articles to Modern Medicine of Canada, n.d.
  • /34 Copy letter from Mary Gass, Platt's secretary, to Bernard Coleman, Modern Medicine, London, 19 March 1964.
  • /35-36 Letter from Bernard Coleman, 18 March 1964.
  • /37-38 Typescript and manuscript notes about travel arrangements, 10 March 1964.
  • /39 Copy of letter from Philip D. Wilson to Platt, March 1964.
  • /40 Copy letter from Platt to Wilson, 3 March 1964.
  • /41 Copy letter from Mary Gass to Peter Hansell, Modern Medicine, London, 3 March 1964.
  • /42 Typescript summary of meeting between Platt and Peter Hansell on 26 February 1964.
  • /43-46 Correspondence between Platt and Modern Medicine, London, about travel arrangements, February 1964.