File: Grangethorpe Hospital

Scope and Content

Grangethorpe became the Orthopaedic Section of the Manchester military hospital, the 2nd Western General Hospital, in 1917. Platt, as a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, was appointed by Sir Robert Jones as surgeon-in-charge. At Grangethorpe, Platt and Stopford, among others, pioneered the development of medical and surgical work on peripheral nerves and bone-grafting. In August 1919, Grangethorpe Hospital was taken over by the Ministry of Pensions, which was responsible for injured veterans. This did not mark the end of Grangethorpe, but rather the beginning of a period in which it became a nationally important centre of research into nerve injuries. However, the number of pensioners requiring treatment fell in the late 1920s and the hospital closed in 1929. This file contains correspondence and papers relating to the work of Grangethorpe and the handover of the hospital from the War Office to the Pensions Office. There is also material relating to Platt's appointment and to the history of the Hospital.

  • /1 Letter from Walter Hill, War Office, to Platt, about the possibility of making Grangethorpe Hospital an autonomous command, 12 May 1919.
  • /2-5 Letters from Walter Hill about arrangements for the handover of Grangethorpe from the War Office to the Pensions Office, March - December 1919
  • /6 Letter from Hill informing Platt about the poor success of patients treated in workshops, January 1921.
  • /7 Letter about the publication of work connected with the treatment of pensioners 17 May 1921.
  • /8 Letter from Hill marked Personal and Confidential, about the appointment of staff at Grangethorpe, 16 August 1923.
  • /9 Letter from Leak, Secretary of the Ministry of Pensions, regarding the termination of Platt's contract and his re-appointment to an honorary position, 3 September 1926.
  • /10 Letter from Walmesley, superintendent at Grangethorpe, about Platt's contract, 20 July 1928.
  • /11-12 Cuttings showing the opening by Sir Robert Jones of the Manchester Cripples' Training Centre at Grangethorpe, n.d. [192-?]
  • /13-14 Cuttings, 'The history of Grangethorpe. How the work began. Gift to Royal Infirmary', Manchester Guardian, n.d., [192-?], and 'Training Cripples: Present-day work at Grangethorpe', n.d.
  • /15-16 Letter from general secretary of the Cripples' Help Society, Manchester, sending information about Grangethorpe Hospital in the 1930s from the records of the Society, 12 September 1969.
  • /17-19 Manuscript notes about the history of Grangethorpe Hospital, referring to letters received by Platt (see above), n.d.
  • /20-25 Manuscript draft, 'The story of Grangethorpe', about the conveyance of Grangethorpe to MRI, n.d. [196-?].
  • /26-33 Typescript, 'The story of Grangethorpe', about the conveyance of Grangethorpe to MRI, n.d. [196-?].
  • /34 Manuscript note, 'Grangethorpe Hospital', referring to cuttings (see above), n.d. [196-?].
  • /35-38 Letters from Mrs Patricia Gray about the history of Grangethorpe, March - April 1970.
  • /39 Offprint, Patricia Gray, 'Grangethorpe Hospital, Rusholme, 1917-1929', Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, 1975.

There is also material relating to Grangethorpe throughout the Platt papers, including clinical records at PLA/1 (especially PLA/1/2), papers relating to Platt's appointment at PLA/13/2/2 and /4 and a photograph of Platt operating at Grangethorpe in 1918, in a photograph album at PLA/11/2. See MMC/9 for a more detailed history of Grangethorpe Hospital.