Typescript reports

Scope and Content

File of typescript reports and notes on hospitals and orthopaedic departments visited by Platt in his role as regional orthopaedic consultant to the Emergency Medical Scheme and as assistant consultant adviser to Thomas Fairbank. These visits and reports were first used to organise a comprehensive system of fracture clinics and orthopaedic hospital, and were later used to assess effectiveness and requirements of orthopaedic services in the regions. The reports describe how named hospitals could be used in the orthopaedic service, and how they could be modified to fit into the scheme. The reports include comments about buildings, types of patient, and staffing of individual hospitals, the services available, standards of documentation, liaison, and overall provision for orthopaedic cases in each area, along with Platt's personal impressions of orthopaedic departments and comments for improvements. These reports would be useful for anybody interested in the development of hospital planning, but also researchers interested in the use of particular hospitals during the war.