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Minster Lovell is situated 16 miles west of Oxford.

The records were originally deposited in the Bodleian Library by Rev VJ Nickalls, priest-in-charge of Minster Lovell in 1975 and Mr WB Rodgers, sequestrator and on behalf of Minster Lovell Parochial Church Council in 1977. The material was then transferred to the Oxfordshire Record Office. Additional material was deposited as Acc 1358 in May 1997 and originally catalogued as Minster PC. Further material was deposited as Acc 4274 in September 1997, as Acc 6325 in September 2014 and as Acc 6613 in August 2017.

A conspectus of new and old references is included at the end of this catalogue. Catalogued by Alison Smith May 2010 with additions in March 2015 and September 2017.

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