Remembrance of Venus

Scope and Content

Transcript verse, annotated and revised by the author, as follows:

  • I, 'Renunciation of Jasione';
  • II, 'Several Women';
  • III, 'The Renunciation (continued)';
  • IV, 'Hope';
  • V, 'Elegy on His Daughter's Welsh Sheepdog';
  • VI, 'Twenty Years Ago';
  • VII, 'Absent in Autumn';
  • VIII, 'The Autumn Alps';
  • IX, 'A Remembered Garden';
  • X, 'Worse Severance'.

Related Material

For the original 1950-1951 version see JDJ/1/3/1/26 . For a revised version see JDJ/1/1/3/20  and JDJ/1/1/3/5 .