Scope and Content

This is the largest, and perhaps the most important section of the All Saints papers. It includes title deeds and related papers on church property in All Saints, St. Ebbe and Marston, which go right back to the 1230s, as well as papers on some land which came over the the parish after the closure of St. Martin in 1895/6. There are bills on benefice matters, as well as papers on three 20th century sequestrations, a dispute from the 1770s on the effects of the newly built Covered Market on church rates, and papers on the closure, first of St. Martin, and then of All Saints.

NOTE: Because several deeds are now to be found either in guard books or in copies in the Churchwarden's Accounts in PAR189/4/F1/2-4, a full guide to all documents on each of the properties linked with Oxford All Saints may be found in Appendix I