Surveying office file

Scope and Content

a) Dispute relating to drainage work etc., Carlton Motor Works, Brickfield Road, Colwyn Bay. 1904

b) Encroachment relating to Public Hall Co. and sale of Vron Haulog, Colwyn Bay. 1905-1911

c) Railway widening near Pabo Station, Mochdre. 1901-1904

d) Proposed widening of Colwyn Bay promenade and alterations to Gateway, Penrhos College and Colwyn Bay Urban District Council. 1902-1903

e) Painting and repairs, Penrhos College. 1903

f) General correspondence and inquiries re Cae Eithen Estate. 1903-1913

Sale of land on Cae Eithen Estate. 1908-1909

g) Roads and sewers on Cae Eithen Estate and construction of Victoria Park. 1903-1910

h) Dispute relating to land adjoining Hermon Chapel, Penrhos College v Rev. T. Parry. 1919-1924