Surveying office file

Scope and Content

a) Sale of 2a. 3r. 17p. at Quarry Field, Llanrwst Road, Upper Colwyn to Y.W.C.A. 1927.

b) Proposed hay helm at Llichan Ucha Farm, Conway. 1914.

c) Redemption of land tax, Berthlwyd Estate, Conway. 1912-1913.

d) Sale of part of Plas Maenan Estate. 1915-1918.

e) Dilapidations at Gorphwysfa, Conway. 1916.

f) Sale of Green Bank, Beach Road, Colwyn. 1916.

g) Disputed boundary at Wern Wen, Llangwstenin. 1916.

h) Victoria Park extension, Colwyn Bay. 1915-1916.

i) External painting to Barberry Hill, Colwyn Bay. 1916.

j) Repairs to entrance drive at Barberry Hill, Colwyn Bay, for Mrs. Michin. 1914-1915.