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File of correspondence and enclosures received and sent by Eric W. White as the Chairman in 1965. Including:

List of concerts to be given by the London Boy Singers, Jan-Feb 1965 (p. 1);

Programme for concert 'Farewell to Christmas' given by the London Boy Singers, 6 Jan 1965 (p. 2);

Note of resolution of confidence in Jonathan Steele from parents, undated [Jan 1965] (p. 3);

Letter from Rev. E.J. Pulman enclosing further letters of support for Jonathan Steele from parents, 2 Jan 1965 (p. 5);

Letter to parents from Jonathan Steele, 10 Jan 1965 (p. 8);

Handwritten letter from Rev. E.J. Pulman on behalf of the parents, thanking the Board for their work, 17 Jan 1965 (p. 17);

Letter to Benjamin Britten, giving report of recent Governors' meeting on 4 Jan 1965, where the Board decided to close down the Association, and reassuring Britten that his name would not be raised to avoid any intrusive publicity, 8 Jan 1965 (p. 6);

Letter from Jonathan Steele, enclosing copies of letters he sent to Benjamin Britten (in response to the comments attributed to him at the Governors' meeting, 15 Dec 1964) and Ruth Andrewes (threatening libel action over comments in the bulletin of the Finchley Children's Music Group), 9 Feb 1965 (p. 27);

Reply to Jonathan Steele, 10 Feb 1965 (p. 28) Letter copied to Benjamin Britten, Rosamund Strode and Ruth Andrewes;

Handwritten letter from Ruth Andrewes in thanks for his handling of Jonathan Steele's letter, 12 Feb 1965 (p. 30);

Letter from Jonathan Steele, taking issue with several statements made in the drafts of the Governors' letter to the parents, 19 Jan 1965 (p. 18);

Reply to Jonathan Steele, in turn pointing out inappropriate phrases used in his two letters to the parents dated 15 Dec 1964 and 10 Jan 1965, 20 Jan 1965 (p. 19);

Letter from Jonathan Steele in reply, apologising and expressing his distress at the turn of events, 23 Jan 1965 (p. 21);

Letter from Jonathan Steele regarding new administration of the choir, suggesting names for a new Board of Governors, 24 Mar 1965 (p. 37);

Draft and final versions of a letter to Jonathan Steele, attempting to wind-up the Association and settle remaining fees, enclosing

Statements of accounts, 26 Oct 1965 (p. 47);

Letter to Jonathan Steele, 3 Dec 1965 (p. 51);

Letter from Jonathan Steele, 23 Dec 1965 (p. 54);

Reply to Jonathan Steele, 29 & 31 Dec 1965 (pp. 59, 61);

Letter from John Andrewes, enclosing a draft letter to the parents and asking Eric W. White to clear up several matters over which there was still confusion, 8 Jan 1965 (p. 7);

Letter from John Andrewes with manuscript additions, regarding draft letter to parents, 11 Jan 1965 (p. 11);

Correspondence with Rosamund Strode (Secretary) -

10 Jan 1965 (p. 9), 14 Jan 1965 (p. 13 - regarding draft letter to parents, making suggestions following discussions with Benjamin Britten and Stephen Reiss), 16 Jan 1965 (p. 15, 16 - enclosing second draft of letter to parents, with annotations by Eric W. White), 23 Jan 1965 (p. 22), 14 Feb 1965 (p. 31), 21 Feb 1965 (p. 34 - enclosing details of fees payable by the Association), 23 Mar 1965 (p. 36), 29 Mar 1965 (p. 38), 28 Apr 1965 (p. 41 - enclosing copy of letter to Jonathan Steele with statements of accounts), 29 Apr 1965 (p. 42), 6 Jul 1965 (p. 43 - discussing the hold-up of the dissolution of the Association due to unpaid fees still owing and enclosing copies of letters sent to Michael Wylde and Jonathan Steele), 31 Aug 1965 (p. 44), 17 Oct 1965 (p. 45), 18 Oct 1965 (p. 46 - enclosing draft of letter to be sent to Jonathan Steele and statements of accounts), 30 Oct 1965 (p. 48), 9 Dec 1965 (p. 53 - regarding final payment to Jonathan Steele), 29 Dec 1965 (p. 58), 30 Dec 1965 (p. 60);

Finchley Children's Music Group Bulletin - No. 16, Jan 1965 (p. 10);

Handwritten letter from Ruth Andrewes regarding the draft of the Governors' letter to the parents and Jonathan Steele's earlier letter to parents, 20 Jan 1965 (p. 20);

Handwritten letter from Ruth Andrewes, 27 Jan 1965 (p. 25);

Annotated draft and final version of Governors' letter to the parents, 26 Jan 1965 (pp. 26-24);

Letter from Rev. Kenneth F. Faulkner, requesting further detail on some points in the Governors' letter to the parents, 28 Jan 1965 (p. 26);

Letter from Mary Barnett regarding the letter to parents, and alerting the Board to its being included in an article printed in the Finchley Times, enclosed as a newspaper cutting, 15 Feb 1965 (p. 33);

Flyer for concert 'At Home' to be given by the London Boy Singers on 11 Apr 1965 at Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, London (p. 40);

Letter from Benjamin Britten regarding the final winding-up of Association, expressing regret at the failure but relief at the affairs coming to an end, 29 Nov 1965 (p. 50);

List of future engagements of the London Boy Singers under Jonathan Steele for 1965-66, (p. 55).

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